The Importance of Training…

How often do you train your domestic staff?

When most families hire domestic staff, whether or not the staff are trained is not put into consideration even though it should be a high priority. This is because domestic staff spend more time with our children than we do due to work commitments.

As we know training is always evolving.  For example a new CPR Method is introduced every few years, the do’s and don’ts in bringing up children changes often as well.  Not only do we need to educate ourselves in the ever changing environment but we are not evolving our domestic staff.  Why is that?

It is important to train your staff in not only how to care for a child but how you want your child to be cared for!  Training should also be done on the initial recruitment process and also every year, not only as a refresher but to also cover any new information which has come to light.

We are currently putting together training packages and would like to hear what you are client would like.  Please take a few minutes to answer our short online survey.


Why I Love Lagos

I think it is very important to look at the positive in life, unfortunately Lagos is one of those places where you need to focus on the positive otherwise it would be very difficult for a foreigner to settle.  Fortunately for Lagos I feel that there are a lot of positives.

When I speak, I speak from the heart.  I have always been a person who likes a challenge, who would get bored doing  the same thing every day.  I feel that I get these needs from living in Nigeria. However it’s important to know that I am enjoying Lagos from all views, the view of a foreigner and the view of a local.

I often find that on most forums and websites there are  lots of comments on the negative aspects of Lagos. However,  I came across  this lovely blog of an expatriate living in Lagos enlisting the good things about Lagos in each post (She is over her 300th item) it will take me a while to read through all of them but I was somewhat impressed with her recent 20 things and also of her willingness for adventure and experience.  Check it out below:

Aerial view of lagos Courtesy of

Aerial view of lagos Courtesy of

I also aim to do the same and list my top 5 things I love about Lagos.

1.  Enthusiasm of the Locals

Although there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor in Lagos, although the poorer don’t have much they have great enthusiasm towards life.  I find this a very rare quality and something that would be difficult to find in the UK these days.

2.  Meeting New People

I came from a small town in Scotland and majority of the people were Scottish so we didn’t grow up with many other nationalities.  In Lagos, I have friends from every continent in the world and I feel that my life is enriched because of that and I am thankful for that every day.

3.  Making your own Fun

In Scotland we rely on having countless things to do, in Lagos we don’t have a great amount.  Some people might see this as a negative but I like to look at it as a positive as we get more involved in our community by organising Bazaar’s or being involved in Local Group’s and making a difference to the less fortunate.

4.  Beautiful Colours in Fabrics

I love the different beautiful colours, fabrics and textures of the material available in Nigeria.   I must admit I had to be weaned in carefully due to my previous obsession with black colours but now I find that when I go back home I actually pick colours and patterns that are more vibrant.  I also love that the UK’s style is somewhat turning a little more African.

5.  Being Able to Give Back

When you are in the UK we don’t get as much opportunity to help people directly.  We can do our marathon run’s to help raise money and we can watch adverts on the tv that moves our hearts to pick up the phone and donate portions of our salary a month.  However being in Nigeria I feel I can help the people in need directly.  I can go on hospital and orphanage visits, I can participate in back to school programs, I can also see the production of Braille Books.  For me all of this is possible through two very special charities that are close to my heart which is United for Kids Foundation and Nigerwives Braille Book Production.

Details of these two charities can be found below;

I put the question out to Twitter and my facebook followers “Why do you love Lagos” and I got some lovely responses.

Ali Said                 “I love the people, the madness, the fact that Lagos never sleeps, it is a hive of activity, people living, earning a living, busy busy busy…”

Kingsley Said      “I love the energy associated with the city.  The people have powerful dreams and a ‘can-do’ spirit that can never die.  The chaos will inspire you and their resiliency will humble you. ‘Lasgidi’ is indeed the city of excellence”

@LagosMums Said “Lagos is full of surprises”

Thanks for my followers for their input and we do agree wholeheartedly  with you.

Have a great week.


Thank You!

It is never easy starting a new business and since I made the decision to start Cambiar Lagos which is to provide Relocation Family Support to Lagos, Nigeria, everyone has shown so much love.

I just want to make this post a dedicated thank you  to all my supporters and helpers.

To my wonderful Mum for the web design and logo and to my dedicated husband for helping me with the legal aspect (I knew being married to a lawyer would have it’s advantage one day :-D. )

My family and friends for their support and believing in me and last but certainly not least to the people who have liked and followed my facebook page, blog and twitter account.

Our website is now live, you can check out our services at

Our Logo represents a family tree, the roots are the foundation in which the family is making when relocating and the branches represent the family growing together. created by

Our Logo represents a family tree, the roots are the foundation in which the family is making when relocating and the branches represent the family growing together. created by

Thank you and God Bless.

What’s the most important thing when relocating?

When you are relocating you’re not just changing your job you’re changing your life. 

What is the most important thing  when relocating?


When the employer is bringing a foreigner to a new country and new job, depending on your package you could have your house, car, schools and even healthcare taken care of but what about your family?

Employing an expatriate who does not settle can be one of the most expensive error’s a company can make.  Family’s unsettling are the biggest cause for unsuccessful relocation contracts.  Things only return to normal when your children and partner have settled. 

During a relocation for an expatriate the company tends to focus more on the job aspects when in fact the family aspect is more important.  It is good for business if you arrive refreshed and know that your employer has taken care of everything.  Then you are able to focus on your new position which will enable you to be more engaged and a productive member of staff from the start.

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About Me

Hi my name is Kimberley,

A little introduction to myself and my background. I am Scottish born and bred (and like most Scottish people, very proud of my heritage). My husband is Nigerian and I met him while he was in Scotland doing his Law IT Masters. We have a beautiful daughter together who is growing up so fast. I have now been living in Lagos, Nigeria for over 4 years but still spend a lot of time in Scotland.
My Family
For anyone who knew me before Nigeria would know that I was (still try to be) the random kind, I wake up and decide to make a change in my life and I do it. I always worked in hospitality sales/events so my job was to know everything for a client, if they required a service we had to know where exactly to go, to be within their budget but still maintain high quality. This is a skill that has stayed with me and has now got me the reputation in Lagos as the go to person, some others might say M.O.L which stands for Mayor of Lagos (you all know who you are).
So in my randomness I decided to quit my job, spread my wings and do something for myself.

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” -Tony Gaskins.

Watch this space as I build by dream and you follow me on this exciting path.
Kimberley xxx